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Euclid Precision Grinding and
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35400 Lakeland Blvd
Eastlake, OH 44095
Tel: 440.946.8888
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Quality workmanship is rooted in Euclid Precision's heritage, which traces its origins back to world famous nineteenth century scissors and knife grinders from Sheffield, England.


We believe that pride in what we do everyday is the key ingredient to superior quality. As a result, we maintain our traditional emphasis on operator responsibility for quality workmanship on each and every job. One thing you can be sure of: if our seasoned operators aren't satisfied your job is completed correctly, it won't get out the door.


We recognize that our sophisticated customer base has ever increasing quality demands. As a result, we provide our operators with sophisticated inspection equipment that is routinely calibrated and registered to traceable national standards. Not only are these tools used for final inspection, but more importantly, they are used during the production process. This ensures "quality in, quality out."


Inspection equipment includes five precision granite surface plates ( the largest being 4' X 8' ), micrometers up to 26-inches, master height gages up to 24-inches, surface roughness testers, master gage block sets, and a large assortment of inspection gages and fixtures.

National Recognition

Euclid Precision's work generally speaks for itself. It is gratifying to continually receive supplier recognition awards for quality workmanship from customers around the country. However, as they say in Sheffield, the proof is in the pudding. The most satisfying "proof" we can ever receive is a repeat order from a satisfied customer.







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