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Hyprolapping/Flat Honing of Components and Parts

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Flat Honing is a type of double sided "fine grinding" where two opposed grinding wheels are used to remove stock from both faces of a flat part at the same time. Component/parts are held between the two wheels with carrier fixtures throughout the grinding cycle. Our Norton Hyprolaps are the method of choice on small, non-ferrous parts.

Hyprolapping will deliver a high, random-pattern surface finish, typically in the 8 - 16 RMS range on most materials.

  • Long or short runs.
  • Ferrous or non-ferrous metals, annealed or hardened to 62 RC.
  • Flat and parallel results typically within 0.0002.
  • Dimensional tolerance frequently requested is ±0.001.
  • Surface finishes of 5 RMS can be achieved on some materials.


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  Double-Disk/Flat Honing of Components and Parts A1
Double-Disk/Flat Honing of Components and Parts A1

Double-Disk/Flat Honing of Components and Parts A2
Double-Disk/Flat Honing of Components and Parts A2

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Min. Thickness 0.030 in
Max. Part Diameter 8 in
Tolerance 0.0002
Dimensional Tolerance ±0.001

Our Capacities

  • 24 inch Norton Hyprolaps (2 machines).
  • 8 inch maximum part diameter or hypotenuse.
  • 0.030 inch minimum thickness.

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Items Frequently Ground

  • Special metals.
  • High precision, non-ferrous blanks.
  • Critical components requiring high flatness.
  • Washers, rings and seals.
  • Stampings and other irregular-shaped parts

Non-Ferrous and Refractory Metals

At Euclid Precision and Specialty Metals Grinding Co., Inc. we use abrasives to shape specialty metals into essential components used in the semi-conductor, aerospace, medical and machine tool industries. In particular, our expertise with refractory metals like Molybdenum and Tungsten is well regarded internationally.

With over 60 years doing nothing but grinding, we probably have more experience with specialty metals than most shops have with regular steels. Orders completed on a regular basis include the following:

Aluminum Hastelloy MP35N
Brass Heavy Metal Tungsten Alloy Stainless Steels
Bronze Inconel Tantalum
Ceramics Manganese Steel Titanium
Chromium Molybdenum Tungsten
Chrome Removal Monel Tungsten Carbide
Columbium Nickel Alloys TZM Alloy
Copper Nitralloy Waspalloy
Copper-Tungsten Alloy Densimet Zirconium

In addition to our experience with unusual metals, our Abrasive Waterjets are utilized to cut other materials used in industry, including plastics of every type, fiberglass, rubber, composites, and laminated materials.

We have also contributed to architectural designers and building contractors, where we have used our waterjets to cut intricate light fixture components from brass or aluminum, decorative steel stair-case details, unusually shaped ceramic floor tile and even marble counter tops.

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